Hello my spooky darlings and welcome to the Lonely Ghost Cottage book club!

Pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and enjoy the soft lull of rain in the garden outside as we delve into a world of curious things, magical autumns, and ghost stories curated just for you!


Every month, you'll receive a book, sticker, and somthing a little extra that matches what theme you choose in your mailbox. They will be different every time, and every book and author is hand chosen by me! Your spooky aunt. These are all texts that I have either read for research, pleasure, or wellness and I want to share the magical things I've found with you. 


A part of the book club is also joining our discord server to discuss said book! Of course, you absolutely don't have to talk about the book you receive and read that month, but the option will be available for anyone who wants to talk about and discuss their monthly read! You'll be sent a discord invite link in your email once your order is placed. 


You can choose from four categories that I have available right now. 


Spooky: You'll receive ghost stories, both fiction and non fiction, Halloween tales, horror stories (if there is anything that triggers you (blood, violence, etc,) please let me know in your order notes so I can pick something different for you that will be a lil less spooky! Examples of books to kind of give you an idea of what these category looks like: Coraline, Gutted, New Orleans Ghost Stories.


Witchy: You'll receive spellbooks, texts on paganry and witchcraft in historical contexts, books on herbology, astrology, divination, etc! I'll also include spellsheets and inclusions for your book of shadows in this tier! 


Mental Health: This is one I've been wanting to do for a very long time. As somone who struggles with their mental health, it's important to me to share tools that help promote happiness, positivity, and paths to wellness, forgiveness, patience and self love. So this category will send a little bit of happiness and some happy vibes we all desperately need. 


Occult/Folklore: Wanna learn something new? This is the category for you! You'll receive books pertaining to fairytales, folklore and darker things from cultures around the world. This can include texts from theologians, historians, demonologists, parapsychogists, etc! 


Lonely Cottage Book Club for Wayward Spirits

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